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Paks is a community framework for container interactions 📦️

Paks provides a core set of commands to help you manage your container state or get quick access to metadata without leaving your development environment. It is similar to syspack/pack, but implemented in a different language, intentionally to allow for contribution from the larger scientific community that embraces Python. With Paks you can:

  • quickly #save your development container while you are shelled into it working.
  • develop or use custom recipes or actions for your containers.

You can see different recipes for interactions under the pakages organization.


If you are a developer, paks is a framework that makes it easy for you to develop with containers without needing to leave your container.

To see the code, head over to the repository.

Getting started with Paks

Paks can be installed from pypi or directly from the repository. See Installation for installation, and then the Getting Started section for using paks on the command line or from a provided base container.


  • For bugs and feature requests, please use the issue tracker.
  • For contributions, visit Spliced on Github.


GitHub Repository
The code on GitHub.